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What is Shamanism?


Shamanic Healing is a spiritual healing technique that remedies the causes of suffering due to whatever root issue.

Sacred prayers, elemental rituals & invocations are very important to the shamanic healing journey.

What are the benefits of a shamanic healing?

Shamanism Benefits

  • increase & revive energy

  • reclaim power & confidence

  • harmony & balance

  • diagnose & heal root causes to suffering

  • discover soul name & spirit guides

  • improved mood, sleep and feelings

  • heal on a cellular level

  • understand generational influences

  • clear old sexual, childhood & past life traumas

What is light language?

Light Language

Light language is a form of communication that goes beyond human language. Light language has no fixed alphabet and speaks directly to our soul, DNA and energetic vibration.


The purpose of light language is to shift our energetic vibrations to overcome human limitations. It helps our brains enter a gamma state. Gamma waves are associated with increased; in which increases memory recall, focus, sensory perceptions, processing speeds and creativity.


Light language can help the soul ascend above emotional and physical constructs into higher purposes and truths. It activates dormant gifts and offers deep cellular healing. 

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