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My name is DIANA PRINCE.

Hi, I’m Diana.

I am the heart and soul behind Throne of Heaven a multidimensional healing platform created in 2021 to assist creatives, wisdom seekers, heart centered spiritualists & wellness leaders to align with their highest potential.

I am a an Ascension Wellness Coach, Best Selling Author, Heart Centered Spiritual Educator & Shamanic Reiki Akashic Oracle.


Translation: I am a divine channel for you to remember your truth, gifts & soul path to empower & awaken you.



I educate on ancient soul secrets, akashic wisdom & divine healing solutions to awaken your inner healing alchemist to empower you so you can help yourself and others.

Your sacred gifts are needed more than ever. My spiritual approach is non judgmental, compassionate & will inspire you while helping you believe in yourself.


It is my intention to remind you of how magical, special and truly worthy you are.

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