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Wisdom Seeking Spiritualists 


Book of Life: Course in Ascension

Book of Life_Cover.jpg

Ebook $8.88 CAD

Do you need support with having a positive mindset or do you love good news? A 365 day devotional journey with ascension codes, universal laws, gratitude & positive affirmations to be sure to take  to the next level.


Akashic Records Journey to

Enhance Psychic Potential

Manifestation Mastery

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$33 CAD

Do you want to accelerate your innate psychic potential?

In this one hour akashic records journey you will experience & learn:

1. Sacred akashic records portal opening & closing prayer

2. Om Activations

3. Psychic Shields

4. EFT Positive Psychic Declarations


$33 CAD

Need the creative process & exercises to help you manifest more faster? In this self mastery course you will experience a transformational belief repatterning system. Surrender to the old outdated programs & call in the new desirables.


Self guided 90 min masterclass 

Service & Program Modalities

  • Past life & karma healing

  • Ho'oponopono forgiveness confessions

  • Chakra assessment, balancing & re-energizing

  • Egyptian Atlantean Objiwe Japanese & Hawaiian Lemurian light language activations

  • Ancestral, sexual & childhood trauma healing

  • Soul retrieval & guardian spirit restoration

  • DNA repair, correction & activation

  • Cord cutting & soul contract amendments

  • Fairy & angel therapy with faith healing

  • Content creator, author, poet & art therapist

  • Self Guided healing mentorship journeys

Offering one on ones, partner sessions & group gatherings & vending opportunities.

*all sessions customized to your needs


Time to Heal, Ascend & Evolve



Transformational Results you can expect include:

-dissolve old limited beliefs & negative self talk
-identify & uncreate shadow self & self sabotaging patterns
- clear nonbeneficial, unhealthy energies, cords & attachments
- eliminate discord, dissonance & disharmony
- discover closure from past life, childhood, sexual or ancestral traumas
-repair tissues, organs & DNA
-reduce pain, stress & negative triggers

- get clarity & direction on life transitions
-activate & upgrade dormant gifts & DNA
- reawaken gifts & intuition
- mend relationships & find solutions to expand contribution
- feel lighter, more joyous & free
-reclaim personal power & self control
- improve emotional intelligence
-anchor in manifestations, desires & big dreams
- connect with your spirit guides
- reconnect to your divine source channeling peace, harmony & love
- tap into your innate talents & soul aligned mission
- receive unbiased non judgmental advice & guidance

Each session is customized around your intention. What is it you want to achieve for this session.

Also, you can ask up to 5 questions you want wisdom, inspiration, solutions & empowerment for.

After the session there is an email follow up with all your akashic wisdom. I am available for further supports.

Please book a complimentary connection call to see if I am that right fit for you & what you would like.

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  • Activated you highest divine self

  • Access WISE DEVA's divine guides.

  • Get guaranteed wisdom, inspiration, solutions & empowerment.

  • Increase your divinity & vitality.

  • Master body, mind & soul strategies that support ascension.

  • Feel lighter, brighter & more enlightened.

  • Attune to your highest psychic & healing potential.


Grow Your Vision

Transmute, transcend & alchemize limitations, blocks & struggles.

Our Clients Say

"Had a records reading with this extremely talented individual today. Mind equals blowen! She is so tapped in, she drove right into my soul. She was so bang on with her reading , so magical thanks"

Freddy Dane (Energetic Fitness Guru & Massage Therapist)

"Had a wonderful session tonight and I’m feeling so much at peace. Diana is truly gifted and you get so much healing and information in your session. I highly recommend booking with her! Thank you again, you’re such a beautiful soul and I’m so happy to know you."

Jo Dean Poirier (Owner of 2 Ravenz Metaphysical Store)

"I feel so blessed to receive services from the Multi Dimensional Creator Diana Merkaba Sunshine!  Every time we connect she walks with me to dig deeper and discover more about myself. I  highly recommend Diana's services if you are looking to reach higher & discover your map."

Daphne McDonagh (Crystal Healer with Daphne's Healing)

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Business Details



Penticton, BC, CANADA

International (English)

Opening Hours

Mon - Sun : 10am - 7pm PST
​​Booking exceptions.


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